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Jurisprudential Overview

"Art. 30 - Labor Supply (Chapter IV)"

  • The labor supply contract is an indefinite or fixed-term contract.
  • An authorized labor supply agency, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 276/2003, provides one or more of its employees for temporary work.
  • The workers carry out their activities in the interest of and under the direction and control of the user.
  • Secondment occurs when an employer temporarily places one or more workers at the disposal of another entity to perform a specific work activity.
  • The employer remains responsible for the economic and regulatory treatment of the worker.
  • Secondment with a change of duties requires the consent of the concerned worker.
  • Secondment beyond 50 km from the usual workplace requires substantiated technical, organizational, productive, or replacement reasons.
  • Violation of the secondment grants the worker the right to request the establishment of an employment relationship with the entity that utilized the service.

Penalties for Fraudulent Personnel Secondment

Administrative Penalties
  • Since 2019, the administrative penalty has increased by 20% and amounts to 60 euros per worker per day of employment.
  • In case of exploitation of minors, the penalty can go up to 360 euros per day per worker.
  • The penalties established since 2019 are doubled if, in the previous 3 years, the employer has received administrative or criminal sanctions for the same offenses.
Criminal Penalties
  • Legislative Decree January 15, 2016, No. 8, has decriminalized the basic offense of illicit labor intermediation for violation of the provisions on subcontracting and secondment.
  • However, the Court of Cassation (Sentence No. 23921 of August 12, 2020) confirmed the indictment and conviction of a company for fraud against the state under Art. 640, para. 2, No. 1, Criminal Code.
Civil Penalties
  • If the secondment occurs in violation of Article 30, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree No. 276/2003, the affected worker may request, through a judicial appeal pursuant to Article 414 of the Civil Procedure Code, the establishment of an employment relationship with the entity that utilized and directed the work performance (user of the seconded worker).
Crime of Fraudulent Labor Supply
  • The crime of fraudulent labor supply was reintroduced by Decree-Law July 12, 2018, No. 87 (“Dignity Decree”), modified by the conversion law August 9, 2018, No. 96.
  • The crime occurs in the presence of specific intent to circumvent non-derogable laws or collective bargaining agreements concerning labor supply.
  • In the case of fraudulent labor supply, a fine of 20 euros per each worker involved and for each day of supply is imposed, in addition to the penalties provided for in Article 18 of Legislative Decree No. 276/2003 for unlawful labor supply.
Legal References:
  • Article 8, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law May 20, 1993, No. 148, converted with amendments by Law July 19, 1993, No. 236;
  • Article 27, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree No. 251/2004.